Innovative medical therapies have been developed that offer a true breakthrough for the management of disease states, while also allowing a substantial benefit to the physician practice.

HMA features an expansive selection of Medical Food therapies (in capsule form) that are developed utilizing Targeted Cellular Technology™ and are indicated for the treatment of numerous disease states, including, pain & inflammation, joint disorders, depression, anxiety and sleep dysfunction.

A wide array of recent reports, trials and regulatory entities have identified Medical Foods to be an effective agent for symptom relief that also allows the added benefit of dosage reduction when paired with traditional drug therapies.

HMA offers programs that significantly enhance the revenue a practice can generate when prescription only Medical Foods and Convenience Packs (a generic pharmaceutical and Medical Food in one package) are offered in the clinic.

This site features an extensive amount of information from various sources, journals and physicians that illustrates the medical and financial benefits inherent to the featured products.

Of Special Interest

The "Business of Medicine"

The current financial environment within the healthcare industry has presented medical practitioners with unique challenges.

"Doctors are working more and earning less", due to reimbursement guidelines mandated by both commercial insurance entities and governmental providers.

HMA offers programs that can significantly increase generated revenues, while enhancing the health of the patient.

Medical practices are reimbursed for providing a dispensing service to their patients.

For further information and a detailed analysis of the application for a specific practice, please contact your HMA representative.