About Us

Healthcare Management Associates, Inc. ("HMA")

HMA is an innovative company focused on providing the most effective medical therapies while also addressing the current economic requirements of medical practices.

HMA is the national distribution component for Physician Therapeutics, the manufacturer of an expansive line of Medical Foods that have been shown to provide extraordinary symptom relief for a wide array of disease states.

There are are no comparable products available as they are developed utilizing Targeted Cellular Technology™, a patented system that is a key component of the significant efficacy advantages that are demonstrated in clinical trials.

HMA is comprised of leaders from among all sectors of the medical industry and always considers the current economic constraints placed on medical practitioners when introducing a new product line.

While the primary focus of HMA is to provide the most current and innovative disease management therapies to physicians, we also offer unique business models that provide considerable financial benefits to participating practices and facilities.

Contact your current HMA representative for further details, clinical information and business applications.

Medical Foods, when taken in conjunction with a wide array of selected pharmaceuticals, allow the prescribed drug to be taken at a reduced dose, thereby decreasing dose-related side effects and safety concerns.

There are numerous Medical Foods from other manufacturers that are accepted therapies for a wide array of disease states including:

  • Pancreatic insufficiency
  • Moderate cognitive impairment
  • End-stage renal disease
  • Post surgical ulcers
  • Cachexia due to cancer
  • Osteoarthritis

What are Medical Foods?

When to use a Convenience Pack (51 product selections that combine a generic pharmaceutical drug and a Medical Food)

Reimbursement by Medicare part D, private health insurance and Workers’ Compensation

The Future of Disease Management

From the inception of modern pharmacology there has been a sensitive balance of symptom relief tempered with the dose-related side effects and safety warnings inherent to all medications.

The "modern era" of drugs, which began in the middle of the last century, has both improved and saved lives with great success.

Unfortunately the side effects and safety concerns inherent to pharmaceuticals are still prominent and have received even more coverage of late as the long-term effects are more easily identified.

The ideal solution is to maintain the efficacy, but have a system that allows a decrease in side effects and safety.