"Physicians are earning less relative income than at any time over the last 25 years".
- The Bloomberg News 2009

"There has been a 25% decrease in physician income in present day dollars from 1996 to the present."
- HealthDay 2010

"Over 40% of physicians are considering the elimination of Medicare patients when confronted with the 21% decrease in fees attached to the 2010 Health Care Reform."
- N.Y. Times

"The cost of business for doctors is 'killing doctors'"
- Chic Older, Executive V.P. of the Arizona Medical Association.

Much of the recent public discussion of health care reform is centered on the taxpayer burden, but the effect on physicians is often ignored.

The general public is unaware that while malpractice insurance, rent, utilities and labor costs have steadily increased, the compensation and reimbursement for office calls and procedures has been in decline for many years.

Many practice management consultants suggest the purchase of new diagnostic equipment to enhance clinic income, but at an extraordinary cost.

HMA features products that offer extraordinary benefits to the patient, while also providing substantial income to a practice with no initial capital investment.

Has your income decreased?

70% of Physicians Report a Decrease in Business for 2009

3125 Ohio-based physicians were queried by the Ohio State Medical Association relevant to the effects of the recession on their practices.

Physician comment: "Many patients are canceling office visits and postponing tests due to cost".