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As a stand-alone therapy, patients reported a significant reduction in pain within 72 hours.

While the study examines the first 72 hours, patients reported an increased alleviation of pain for the duration of therapy.

The nutrient requirements of most interest for patients with pain syndromes are the amino acids, which function as neurotransmitters in the transmission of pain signals or which are utilized for synthesis of neurotransmitters involved in this process.

Theramine™ has been shown to replenish the appropriate neurotransmitters and has an indication for use for treatment of pain syndromes, including acute pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain and inflammation.


The study illustrated to the right offers a clear application of the dosage reduction outcomes available with the implementation of a Convenience Pack comprised of Naproxen™ and Theramine™.

The patients reported a significant reduction in pain when administered the Medical Food Theramine™ as a stand-alone therapy. It also highlights the significant effect on pain perception when a patient is treated with the Theraproxen™, which is comprised of Theramine™ and low-dose Naproxen™ in one package.

The study was comprised of 127 patients at 12 national sites and all of the patients had reported pain over a period of at least six weeks.


Prazolamine™ is a Convenience Pack that includes Theramine™ and carisoprodol (Soma™)in one package.

Both Theramine™ and carisoprodol are administered at bedtime in this dual management system.

Prazolamine™ includes a pharmaceutical agent to treat back pain as an effective muscle relaxant and the Medical Food, Theramine™, which has been demonstrated to alleviate pain.

The study illustrates the possible dosage reduction available as patients reported improved efficacy, while reducing the frequency of Soma™ from 3 times a day to once a day.

This is a great indication how the addition of Medical Foods to a treatment algorithm can significantly reduce the dose of the pharmaceutical agent, thereby decreasing the side effect profile.

This page contains a sample of some of the graphs that illustrate the alleviation of pain and possible dose reduction when implementing Medical Foods into the treatment algorithm.

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