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Sentra PM™ is a Medical Food specifically formulated to produce acetylcholine and serotonin to aid in the induction and maintenance of sleep.

The effects of Sentra PM™ on sleep disorders associated with depression have been evaluated in several open-label clinical studies. The results from two of these studies demonstrated that Sentra PM™ was effective in inducing and maintaining sleep.

Another study found that Sentra PM™ reduced the frequency of snoring, while several others showed a reduction in awakenings during the night in patients who had previously experienced awakening with difficulty falling back to sleep.

APPTRIM™ Medical Food

There have been nine double blind clinical trials during the development of the AppTrim™ formula. When AppTrim™ was given as an adjunct to a weight loss diet, an average of 4.2 pounds weight loss was shown over a six-week period.

Weight loss of as much as 15 pounds per month has been observed in certain patients in clinical practice. A weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is recommended in order to sustain weight loss.

Weight loss of more than 2 pounds per week can be obtained with AppTrim™ but close medical supervision is advised if more than 2 pounds per week of weight loss is the goal.

The AppTrim™ formula is designed to provide precursors for known neurotransmitters that influence appetite, early satiety, craving for carbohydrates and thermogenesis.


Trazamine™ is a convenience pack that includes Sentra PM™ and Trazadone™ (Desyrel™). In this dual management system, Trazadone™ is administered as 50 mg at bedtime, while the Medical Food Sentra PM™ is administered once daily at bedtime.

In a clinical crossover study of patients with insomnia, Trazamine™ reduced sleep latency and increased duration of sleep when compared to Trazadone™ used alone.

Desyrel™ has substantial warnings related to mental stability and fatigue that are dose related so the dose reduction can have a dramatic effect on patient outcome.

Not only did this study demonstrate efficacy, but it also utilized a dose of Trazadone™ that is half of what is traditionally prescribed.

This page contains a sample of some of the graphs that illustrate the alleviation of insomnia and effect on metabolic disorders inherent to the featured Medical Foods.

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