While Medical Foods offer tremendous benefits to the patient when used as a stand-alone therapy, there is the added benefit of allowing significant "dosage reduction" when a medical food is taken in conjunction with a generic drug.

We offer 51 distinct Convenience Packs that pair a Medical Food with a generic drug in a single package. (They are in separate bottles in one box. All our Medical Foods are in capsule form).

The Convenience Packs have a unique NDC number and are reimbursed as a distinct product by Medicare Part D, Workers' Compensation and commercial health insurance.

Numerous studies demonstrate equal or enhanced efficacy for a reduced dose of a generic drug if utilized in conjunction with a Medical Food. This improves compliance as the patient experiences a significant reduction in dose related side effects and/or safety concerns.

The study to the right is indicative of numerous trials that illustrate that when Medical Foods are taken in conjunction with generic drugs the dose can be lowered with no decrease in efficacy.

Naproxen™, prescribed 4x a day is a common treatment, but due to cardiovascular and gasterointestinal safety concerns and hearing loss associated with NSAID usage it can be a problematic therapy. NSAID Warnings


When taken in conjunction, a patient can realize equal efficacy while reducing the dose of Naproxen™ from 4x a day to only once.

Quite simply, the patient will take Theramine™ as directed. Theramine™ relieves pain, thereby reducing the need for Naproxen™, so there is a reduction in side effects and an enhanced safety profile. Additional trials

Theraproxen™ is a convenience pack containing both a generic drug, Naproxen™ and the Medical Food, Theramine™.

This literally offers the best of both worlds, the efficacy of both the generic drug and Medical Food, while allowing the benefit of a reduced dose.

Do you currently write for generic Mobic™, Ambien™, Prozac™, Motrin™, Xanax™, Flexeril™, Ultram™, Vicodin™, Restoril™ etc.?

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If a physician is prescribing a specific generic drug it is a therapy that is proven to be effective, and safe.

A Convenience Pack offers even more benefit to the patient and practice.

If a physician is prescribing Naproxen™, he or she will still write for that drug, but simply add an additional proven Medical Food that increases pain relief and allows for a lower dose of the generic drug.

It is, in reality, a dual therapy that furnishes two therapies for a disease state.

Additionally, a practice can generate additional revenues related to the act of dispensing (see your HMA representative for details).

Clinical Trials for Medical Foods and Convenience Packs

51 Available Convenience Packs

Insurance Coverage and Reimbursement

This is a great option for physicians. Imagine being able to reduce the dosage of medications with no reduction in efficacy.

This is truly the "Future of Disease Management".