Medical Foods and Convenience Packs (a generic drug and Medical Food in one box) are considered as brand name drugs with no generic equivalent.

Both Medical Foods and Convenience Packs are covered and reimbursed by Medicare part D (and part B), private health insurance carriers and Workers’ Compensation.

HMA manages the billing and collections process and all reimbursements are allocated as directed by the practice.

Physician contracts are secured with all pharmacy benefit management companies. This is unique among companies in this industry and allows for timely reimbursements among a wide array of patient populations.

Geographic Influence

While there are a number of national health insurance providers, there are distinct geographic factors among the various states and/or territories.

Contracts have been secured with most Pharmacy Benefit Management entities and all new areas are vetted for providers that are unique to a specific geography.

HMA has secured contracts with all major carriers and also works closely with all practices to identify and develop the best methods for securing payment.

Company Support

An inventory management system will be made available to the practice to facilitate the billing process.

Your HMA representative will answer any questions relevant to the patient demographics of the practice and identify the best practices for providing the best care possible and allowing a timely payment method.

The "Business of Medicine"

The current financial environment within the healthcare industry has presented medical practitioners with unique challenges.

"Doctors are working more and earning less", due to reimbursement guidelines mandated by both commercial insurance entities and governmental providers.

HMA offers programs that can significantly increase generated revenues, while enhancing the health of the patient.

Medical practices are reimbursed for providing a dispensing service to their patients.

For further information and a detailed analysis of the application for a specific practice, please contact your HMA representative.