Your physician has chosen to prescribe the latest development in effective patient care. A specific Medical Food has been chosen to treat the symptoms of an illness.

Medical Foods are not vitamins or over the counter supplements, but instead an FDA regulated, prescription- only treatment that has been shown to provide substantial symptom relief for numerous illnesses.

What do Medical Foods do?

Medical Foods allow certain amino acids to target and enter nerve, brain and muscle cells. Certain medical conditions can be improved by restoring these important nutrients.

What are neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are the messengers that travel between one cell and another. Pharmaceutical drugs can deplete neurotransmitters, which can cause side effects while also decreasing the potential relief of symptoms.

Will Medical Foods interfere with my other medicines?

Medical Foods work through a different pathway from prescription drugs and do not interfere with other medications. Taking Medical Foods, however, will often allow a reduction in your pharmaceutical drugs. (AppTrim, like many other medications, should not be taken with MAO inhibitors.)

We want to hear your story:

Please include the specific Medical Food and the effect it has had on your symptoms:

Prescription Only Medical FoodIndication
TrepadoneJoint Disorders
GabadoneSleep Dysfunction/Anxiety
Sentra PMSleep Dysfunction/Depression
Sentra AMFatigue/Cognitive Function
ApptrimMetabolic Syndrome/Obesity
Apptrim DMetabolic Syndrome/Obesity
PulmonaAsthma and pulmonary function
Lister VViral infection

"Medical Foods can help improve the symptoms and/or slow the progression of a specific chronic condition, and they are complementary to approved pharmacologic therapies"

Dr. Richard Isaacson
University of Miami