Physicians are reimbursed for dispensing Medical Foods and Convenience Packs. A practice merely provides the medications to the patient on-site just like any pharmacy.

Dispensing increases compliance and is often cited by patients as an added value when assessing a practice.

A participating clinic will be provided with an inventory management system that allows the submission of benefit information and prints a prescription label in addition to dosing and administration Instructions in both English and Spanish.

All billing and collections are performed and reimbursements are distributed as directed. All Medical Foods and Convenience Packs are covered by Medicare Part D, private health insurance and Workers’ Compensation.

The procedure for a drug dispense, software entry and information fulfillment requires no more than 3—5 minutes.


A practice will work in conjunction with an HMA representative to devise a formulary that reflects the current prescribing habits of the medical practitioners.

A practice will initially stock a two week supply of medications, which can be comprised of selected Medical Foods and/or Convenience Packs.

List of available Medical Foods

List of Convenience Packs

Product Monographs

Insurance Reimbursements


Contact your HMA representative for the details of:

  • Dispensing procedures
  • Revenue potential
  • Formulary development

Dispensing Details

A detailed study did an assessment of over 72,000 prescriptions and found that only 72% were filled. In office dispensing is an important component of patient compliance.

Report on the Benefits of In-office Dispensing

Each phone call to a pharmacy is estimated to incur a cost of $5—$7 per call and one in three prescriptions result in phone interaction with a pharmacy.

E– prescribing systems cost approximately $2500 per year for equipment and administration.

75% of patients prefer to get their medication directly from their physician.

62% of patients said getting medications from their physician would help them manage their health.

Study on Physician Costs to work with Pharmacies